The first Spook-tacular Ghostly Dog on the Casper Network

Bringing Liquidity to the Casper Network


Total Supply of $SHIBOO

Shiboo Ecosystem aims to bring liquidity and users to the Casper Network

5% sell tax that goes to the Liquidity pool to allow users to trade better

The first community-owned project whithin the Casper ecosystem

For real. Boo.

Shiboo I.


Our Mission

Embracing the spectral charm of the Shiboo, our mission is to become the number 1 community-owned coin on the Casper Network.

We aim to provide users with the necessary tools to trade and research. Shiboo Markets is the first feature of our ecosystem and will provide users with a robust and easy-to-use platform to track and analyze real-time data from all Decentralized Exchanges on the Casper Network

Our platform will bring the BooPad, ShibooSwap, ShibooMarkets, and Shiboo Survivors to the Casper Network to expand the DeFi ecosystem.

Shiboo Roadmap

Website Creation

Establish a professional and informative website to serve as the primary hub for Shiboo Inu information and community engagement.

Social Media Channels Creation

Strong and active presence across major social media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit.

TGE and Liquidity Locked

Conduct a fair and transparent TGE to distribute Shiboo Inu tokens to the community, ensuring equal opportunities for participation.

Listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko

Apply for listing on prominent cryptocurrency market aggregators, CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

Complete Giveaway/Airdrop

Host a generous giveaway or airdrop to incentivize community participation, expand the project's reach, and onboard new users.

Chart Viewer for the Casper Network

Develop a comprehensive chart viewer to provide real-time price data, trading volume, and market statistics for Shiboo Inu on the Casper Network.

Partnerships with other Casper projects

Explore mutually beneficial partnerships. Leverage the combined strengths of each project to enhance the overall ecosystem and foster innovation.

Listing on CEX

Navigate the exchange listing requirements and demonstrate the project's readiness for mainstream adoption.

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