Our Vision

The main mission of Shiboo is to bring more Liquidity to the Casper Network with several incentives for its users.

Additionally, we want to bring traders and users the necessary tools to navigate the DeFi ecosystem on Casper.

Shiboo is divided into 5 Core Platforms:

Shiboo Markets is an analytics tool for traders and users on Casper Network allowing them to track activity on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges on the Network and tokens.
Shiboo Survivors is our game, with regular Tournaments and weekly Leaderboards to engage players daily. It aims to bring in more users to Casper while rewarding long-term players and skilled players equally.
The BooPad is the second core platform and aims to help projects on Casper to launch their token. It’s aimed at DeFi and GameFi but it’s more than just a Launchpad.
ShibooSwap will serve as the main DEX of the Casper Network incentivizing users to provide liquidity and providing a friendly-user interface.
The NFT Marketplace will be the most complete Marketplace ever created starting with user management and sales, providing gamers and collectors with complete control over their NFTs, making sales, staking, and collection management effortless. Burn swaps: Engage users with our innovative burn swap system, allowing them to burn low value NFTs for a chance at minting high value random NFTs.


Achieving new milestones one by one.

Fair Launch of Shiboo. Partnerships and Airdrop Completed.
ShibooMarkets live (DeFi Analytics for Casper)
Listing on CEX (MEXC) and Coingecko.
Shiburn completed (Anyone can burn $Shiboo to win prizes)
Staking Platform for LPs
BooPad + first launches
Shiboo Survivors Game + NFTs integration
Layer2 EVM


Discover the Shiboo NFTs. Handcrafted Shiboo Heroes which will serve as Characters in-game with different stats.


What is Shiboo?
Shiboo is the first community owned token on Casper Network.
How and when was it launched?
It was fairly launched the 28th of february on Friendly market , one of the Casper Network's decentralized exchanges.
Is Shiboo a meme coin?
Shiboo is much more than a meme. The Shiboo Ecosystem is divided into 5 main platforms: Shiboo Markets, Shiboo Survivors, Shiboo Pad, Shiboo Swap and a NFT Marketplace.
Can I buy Shiboo on BSC/SOLANA/ETH?
No. Shiboo is exclusively available on Casper Network.
What is Shiboo's token official contract address?
Where can I buy Shiboo?
You can swap your Casper tokens into Shiboo tokens on Friendly Market. Follow this link:
What is the total supply of the $SHIBOO token , is the token inflationary, are all the tokens in circulation?
Shiboo maximum supply is 10B. The token is not inflationary. Yes , all the tokens are already in circulation since it was fairly launched on Friendly Market.
Can I stake my Shiboo tokens?
Staking will be available once the Shiboo Pad is launched.
How to buy on FM?
Make sure your Casper Wallet is updated.
Check if you have enough Casper to cover the cost of the gas of the transaction.
Set the slippage high enough , at least to 6% for sells to account for the 5% sell tax.
Put round numbers , don't use fractions.
Wait 10-15 seconds before signing.