How to buy Shiboo

In order to buy Shiboo once it launches, you will need to hold Casper ($CSPR) coins.

There are several ways to get Casper tokens.

You can buy CSPR on several Centralized Exchanges like:

Bybit KuCoin Gate OKX MEXC

Once you have purchased CSPR, you will need to create a Casper Wallet. Simply go to and download the Extension for your browser, or the mobile APP.

Check the FAQ section if you’ve got any question related to the Casper Wallet Extension :

Now after setting up your Casper Wallet you can withdraw your CSPR from the Centralized Exchange into your own personal wallet.

Shiboo will initially launch on the Friendly Market decentralized exchange : (this link will be updated with the SHIBOO pair once we are live on the 28th of February).

RocketX Swap

You can also use Rocketx : where you can bridge and swap your funds from a vast amount of networks into Casper.

USDT to Casper
USDT to Casper

How to buy Shiboo on Friendly Market

Go to the site:

Click on the Connect Wallet button located at the top right of the website.

Choose the Casper Wallet extension and then a pop-up will appear at the right of your screen.

If you are connecting to the site for the first time select your account and click the “Next” button then press “Connect to 1 account

When you finish you will see that your address has connected at the top right of the website instead of the “connect wallet” button.

Now that you are connected you can swap your casper tokens for shiboo tokens.

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