Shiboo was born on the Casper Network and to this day remains the only fairly launched token on the Blockchain. The main mission of Shiboo is to create a complete set of DeFi tools and platforms for Casper, while attracting new users. At peak, Shiboo was able to reach a $12,000,000 valuation with no pre-sale and was listed on a centralized exchange, for the first time in Casper’s history.

Although Shiboo has been able to achieve a lot on Casper already, the need to attract more users from outside is clear.

The benefits of going multi chain are numerous. Let’s see and understand some of them with some examples:

1. Enhanced Interoperability: By being multichain, Shiboo can interact with various other blockchain networks. This interoperability allows for greater flexibility in executing smart contracts, facilitating decentralized applications (dApps), and enabling cross-chain asset transfers.

2. Improved Scalability: Operating on multiple chains helps distribute the transaction load, alleviating congestion on the Casper Network. This results in faster transaction times and lower fees.

3. Increased Security and Resilience: Utilizing multiple blockchains can enhance the security of a cryptocurrency. If one blockchain experiences a vulnerability or attack, the others can continue to operate, ensuring the overall network remains functional and secure.

4. Broader Market Reach: Being multichain allows Shiboo to tap into the user bases of various blockchain communities. This will drive more liquidity and volume to Casper as well.

5. Flexibility in Development: Developers can benefit from the unique features and tools offered by different blockchains.

We are probably aiming for BSC, Binance Smart Chain first. If everything works out, we can expand to other chains in the near future and reach even more users! Stay tuned for updates on our Twitter and Telegram.